As our Expedition progresses we are getting more and more interest from different types of media outlets. Online media, print media and even a press release have been issued about us and our project. After our trip to Albania, we were also interviewed on television, twice.

What they are writing about are us and our back story. They also write about our experience visiting the different sites and locations and about our local experience.  Obviously, they also help us push for the local UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Below you find a collection of what has been done about us so far.

If you are interested in doing something similar please feel free to reach out to us. We have really enjoyed working with the different types of publications so far.


We were interviewed on Top Channel, an Albanian national commercial television. The morning show is aptly called Wake Up. This was our first live TV interview. Since our Albanian is close to non-existent and their audience doesn’t speak English, a translator help with the communication. It worked out amazingly well, we had a really great time. They had some really interesting questions!

Report TV, a local commercial TV channel in Tirana, Albania, reached out to invite us to the studio. Day time show Rreze Dielli “Sunbeams” wanted to interview us about our Expedition. In the end, we did it over Skype. This was our first pre-recorded TV interview. Luckily the interview was all in English. We got some great questions and had a very good time. It’s a lot of fun hearing us being dubbed!

Online Media

Zadarski wrote a piece in Croatian about our visit to Zadar in Croatia. They called it “Bloggers Jana & Matt, a Czech-Swedish couple promoting UNESCO World Heritage, visited Zadar during their stay in Croatia”. It starts with “Despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the Zadar County Tourist Board continued its regular tour activities for foreign journalists, bloggers and agents.”

Total Croatia News published a number of articles in English about our Epic Road Trip through Croatia. They called it “Meet Jana+Matt, On an Expedition to Become 1st to Visit All UNESCO World Heritage Sites”.

Croatia Week wrote a piece in English about our then-upcoming Epic Road Trip through Croatia. They called it “Couple attempting to be first on the planet to visit all UNESCO World Heritage Sites arrive in Croatia”. It starts with “An international travel couple will arrive in Croatia on Monday as part of their Epic Expedition to set an unofficial Guinness World Record.” wrote a piece in English and Albanian about our Expedition. They called it “A Couple’s Visit to Albania on their Journey through the World’s UNESCO Sites: 25 Breathtaking Views from Jana and Matthias”. It starts with “Meet Jana and Matthias, aka GuideVenturous, a couple who has left their corporate careers behind to follow their passion for travelling the world.” wrote a piece in Albanian about our Expedition. Writer Ani Jaupaj headlined it with “The couple who left their careers, moved to Barcelona and came to discover Berat and all other UNESCO sites”. wrote an Editorial in Albanian about our Expedition. This piece was complimented with the interview on Report TV. The headline reads “Albania, the country with the kindest people / Meet a couple aiming for a record trip to all UNESCO countries!”. It then continues with “Jana and Matthias are the couple who are discovering previously unexplored places, but with a certain focus, to get to know and visit all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Recently, the project took them to Albania. In an interview on “Rreze Dielli”, the couple shared their impressions of Albania; food, prices and the hospitality of the people.”

České Dědictví UNESCO interviewed us and Michele Vojáček, spokesperson for the City of Litomyšl during our visit there. The piece in Czech about our Expedition starts with the headline reads “The UNESCO Site “Hunters” did not only visit Litomyšl”. Then it continues with “Traveling is a dream for many of us. Usually, however, we limit ourselves to a few trips a year. This is not the case with the Czech Jana and the Swede Matthias. The young couple has decided to travel practically the whole planet in their free time to become the first in the world to want to visit all the UNESCO Sites in person.”

Print Media



Local Czech newspaper Lilie interviewed us and wrote an article in Czech about our Expedition. On page 9 you find us with the headline “UNESCO Hunters also visited Litomyšl”. “Traveling is a dream for many of us, but we usually limit it to a few trips per year. However, this is not the case with Czech Jana and Swede Matthias. At the beginning of September, they headed to Litomyšl and told us more about their travels before a tour of the chateau” is how it starts.

Press Release

AVIS Car Rental - Sweden

The Swedish branch of AVIS issued a Press Release before our Swedish Road trip. Co-penned by us it starts with “We who make this road trip are Jana and Matthias, of GuideVenturous, two adventurous guides on a mission to visit the earth’s all 1052 World Heritage Sites. We will explore 10 of the 15 Swedish World Heritage Sites in as many days. It’ll be a journey of just over 300 km by rental car. Along the way, we also visit other parts of Sweden’s spectacular heritage such as castles, lakes, forests and unique architecture! With our modern Nils Holgersson journey through Sweden, we want to help promote the Swedish World Heritage.