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First visited by us on November 19, 2020
TL;DR: The answer to what is Gjirokasër that it is an old Ottoman, mainly 17th-century, magical hillside town with 600 white and shale topped houses and a spectacular view. It's also an Albanian Qarku/County. That answers what is Gjirokaster.

This is what Gjirokastër is!

Gjirokastër is a really old and small town

Gjirokastër is a 17th-century magical hillside limestone and shale town with spectacular views originally built by the rich landowners of the region.

Gjirokastër is a Qarku!?

It's also one of the 36 former Albanian Districts Rrethi i Gjirokastrës. Now, since the year 2000, it's one of the 12 Counties Qarku i Gjirokastrës.