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Serengeti National Park

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First visited by us on December 6, 2019
TL;DR: Tanzania is the location of the best-known wildlife sanctuary in the world. Huge and filled with outstanding savanna scenery, it's famous for its sheer concentration of wildlife and for the annual migration of over one million animals. No other place globally has biodiversity like it and its ecosystem is one of earth's oldest.

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Serengeti National Park

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Welcome to our collected information about the UNESCO World Heritage Site officially known as “Serengeti National Park”! If you travel here and ask about it, the site is in Swahili known as Hifadhi ya Serengeti. We call it Serengeti National Park or just Serengeti.
[ sɛrənˈɡɛti ]

The Worlds Largest Wildlife Sanctuary

World Heritage Site
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Where is Serengeti

So far we have made three fantastic trips to this beautiful and diverse continent. The adventures have been to some very different places. Our first was to the North West, to Morocco. The next was to the island country, Cape Verde. Our latest adventure was truly an adventure, we spent about two weeks in Tanzania.
Mara and Simiyu

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1 Hectare is 0.01 km² and 0.004 mi²


1 km² is 100 Hectare and 0.386 mi²


1 mi² is 259 Hectare and 2.589 km²

Why is Serengeti
a World Heritage Site

Serengeti National Park and all of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites are amazing per definition. The term UNESCO uses is that they are of “Outstanding Universal Value“. All the 1121 sites on the list have been carefully qualified and selected among the many suggested each year. In fact, the list of nominated sites is currently 1734 sites long. We, humankind, have though the United Nations together decided that we really should make an extra effort in saving, protecting and taking care of these wonderful sites. This because of their value to us, both now and perhaps even more for future generations. When qualifying to be included in this exclusive list there are 10 different categories that you can qualify in. You can qualify in more than one, most sites do. Serengeti National Park qualified in 2 of them. It was selected to be included because of:

World Heritage Type






Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is the best-known and largest wildlife sanctuary in the world. It’s a seemingly endless savanna, a mostly treeless plain of flat short grasslands. Occasionally dotted with huge rocks, kopjes, winding rivers and acacia woodlands. It’s famous for its absolutely amazing amount of wildlife and for the annual migration of over 1 million animals. It is in fact one of the oldest ecosystems on Earth and no other place in the world has biodiversity like it.

UNESCO's  2 Why

Natural Reason #7
Natural Reason #10
In Serengeti, you have the largest animal migration in the world. Over 1 million animals take the 1000 km long circular trek. It all takes place in a spectacular setting. A seemingly endless treeless plain of flat short grasslands dotted with scattered rocks, rivers and woodlands. Here you can also see, first-hand, large predators in action.
The unique combination of the soil combined with the impact of the migration has created one of the most productive ecosystems on earth. Thanks to it you have the largest number of grasseaters and the highest concentration of large predators in the world here. We're talking 2 million wildebeests, 900000 Thomson’s gazelles and 300000 zebras. Also, thousands of elands, topis, hartebeests, buffalos, giraffes, warthogs, waterbucks and elephants. On top, 500 hippos and 200 black rhinoceroses, 10 species of antelope and 10 species of monkies. Big cats like lions, leopards and cheetahs also live here together with hyenas and wild dogs. There are also over 500 species of birds including the highest number of ostriches in Africa.
Natural Phenomena or Exceptional Beauty
Significant Natural Habitat for Biodiversity

World Heritage Protection Status




Timeline for the
Serengeti World Heritage Site



Serengeti was established.


Tanzania nominated Serengeti National Park to become a World Heritage Site.



The application from Tanzania was approved and Serengeti National Park officially became a World Heritage Site.


Visited by us!

Landmark event, obviously! Our first visit to the Serengeti National Park World Heritage Site. This was our 106 site visited out of the 128  we have travelled to so far.

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Cheetahs checking us out in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Giraffes on the never ending savanna of the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Standing at the gate of the Serengeti National Park in the middle of the savanna
2019/12 in Serengeti, Tanzania
Watching an old elephant passing by from the jeep in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Passing a beautiful herd of female impalas, the most common antelopes in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Close-up of a giraffe eating off an acacia tree in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
A young female savanna elephant checking us out in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania