The Zanzibari Hotel

We checked-in here 2 years ago
on our Quest to become the 1st to Visit All
UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Our stay at The Zanzibari Hotel


We spent two night nights in The Zanzibari Hotel at the end of November 2019. It is located just outside of Nungwi on the northern tip of Zanzibar. It is close to the famous Nungwi Beach. We wish we could have spent weeks at this amazing accommodation.

We were on Zanzibar, Tanzania to visit two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. First Stone Town and then the tentative Jozani Forest/Chwaka Bay Conservation Area. Both of them are very reachable as day trips from here.

How we got here

We got to Nungwi and the hotel by taxi from Stone Town and we eventually left the area with a tour. Realistically taking a taxi is the only way getting here. Using public transport is not really not option for practical and time reasons. We also really advice against renting a car. We heard some really interesting stories about that, including people being locked up… It should take you a little more than 1.5 hour to get here with taxi from the Abeid Amani Karume International Airport.

You can obviously arrange your transportation directly with the accommodation, that is common practice here. You can also use the English speaking, inexpensive driver we used called Othman on +255 777 489 181.

About our stay at The Zanzibari Hotel

This place is a luxurious dream. Looking at the pictures we took below you can see for yourself that every single one looks like a postcard. The hotel garden has been curated for over 10 years. It is spectacular place, especially the beautiful garden with all sorts of tropical trees. The swimming pool, the white sand leading to the cliff, and stairs down to the stunning beach are also pure eye-candy.

Our room was so beautiful, with a balcony for relaxing and a comfy bed. There was even a balcony leading out of the bathroom!

Our stay here was so peaceful and relaxing. We had amazing weather and we loved just chilling by the pool. When not, we were eating all the delicious food they prepare here. Strolling on the white sand beach at low tide was another memorable moment.

Nungwi Beach is the famous beach around here but unless you want to part of the part scene it is not a nice beach at all. The Nungwi Beach is truly overrated, completely overcrowded and full of beach vendors trying to selling you stuff and events all. the. time. Here you basically have your own beach! With that said you will, like us be spending most of your time by the pool. This mainly because of the huge difference between low and high tide.

Food & Beverages

We had all our meals in the hotel and with no complaints, everything was delicious. Breakfast was brilliant and plentiful and we loved their generous amount of home brew coffee. The staff were all lovely and extremely attentive and helpful all the time. As soon as we arrived we were made to feel very welcome

Activities we did

The most interesting and eye-opening activity we did was to join a village walk. It took us into the nearby Nungwi village. Nzori, from the hotel, was an amazing guide. He knew everyone in the village and took us to his home to show how real Zanzibari people live. Do this activity and you will get a whole new level of understanding life there. We also signed up for a Dhow Sunset Sail, departing from Nungwi Beach. This was another highlight of our stay but of a very different sort.


From us, The Zanzibari Hotel, just outside of Nungwi comes highly recommended. It is a fantastic place to stay in for a relaxing beach holiday.


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